Natural face mask to combat dry skin

natural face mask

We all have the same dilemma, as we become older and the years go by our skin is under attack both externally and internally. The sun, smoking, alcohol, pollution and bad diet are just some of the main reasons for our skin ageing prematurely. Unfortunately there are many smoker and they know the skin doesn’t benefit from it, so make an extra effort to help your skin by using a natural face mask. There are many ways to keep our skin looking younger without resorting to any expensive.. Read More

Natural Face Scrub

natural face scrub

Taking care of our skin makes us feel fresh and rejuvenated. Using natural ingredients is even better, nature usually provides the answers to many of our problems! There are many natural ingredients we can use to make a good natural face scrub, however below you find the ingredients to make a natural face scrub. Ingredients for the natural face scrub: 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil – Can help to reduce wrinkles as it contains a lot vitamin E which the skin really benefits from. It is also a.. Read More

Natural Hair Treatment

Natural Hair Treatment

To keep your hair in great condition and to promote growth, once every two weeks you can use a nice, nourishing, natural hair treatment. Wow thats a lot of N’s! The first recipe is for those of you who don’t have very dry, or very greasy hair. So as well as the recipe for this treatment we will also give two alternatives at the end of this article. One for dry hair and one for greasy hair. The ingredients in our natural hair treatment: Eggs – contain a large amount of protein.. Read More