Losing weight with celery

Celery juice and kiwi, taken before dinner, provides good nutrition and helps to satisfy your appetite. This way you will avoid overeating and going to sleep on a full stomach. Celery is a vegetable as benevolent as versatile: you can combine it with many dishes and cook it in different ways, and at the same time receive vitamins, minerals, fibre and very few calories. We explain how this may help you to lose weight. Celery has a nice aroma, good flavour, and is a food.. Read More

Oat bath

oat bath

An oat bath is a great way to heal skin conditions and is great way of relaxing yourself. Oat baths were largely used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for healing skin ailments. They were also used around 2000bc by the Egyptians and Arabs to beautify their skins. Oats are effective in addressing dry skin symptoms like itching, rashes, scaly skin, peeling etc. The oats also act as a natural moisturizer. They contain beta-glucan, which forms a fine layer on your skin as well as.. Read More

5 ways to improve sleep

improve sleep

Do you feel tired all the time? Wake up feeling like you haven’t slept? Try these 5 ways to improve sleep and start the day the way you’d like to. You may have pressure at work, family or relationship troubles, or even be suffering from illness. These factors you may not be able to control, but they will most likely interfere with your sleep somehow. By following these 5 ways to improve sleep you can give yourself the best chance of a refreshing night’s rest,.. Read More

tips for healthier skin – 10 tips to younger skin

tips for healthier skin

Follow these 10 simple tips for healthier skin to keep your skin in good condition and slow the signs of ageing. The skin is our bodies largest organ. The skin has three main functions. Firstly it’s a barrier. It protects us from chemicals, micro-organisms, radiation, and changes in temperature. Secondly it regulates. Adjusting to external and internal temperatures it helps to keep us at a constant. Its also where vitamin D is stored. Thirdly, via a large network of nerves, it gives us sensation. Temperature,.. Read More

how to get rid of stains on teeth

A bright smile and clean teeth make you look more attractive, and are good for your health. I will explain how to get rid of stains on teeth in a cheap and easy way so that you can smile with confidence. Let us first address the problem. Smoking as well as many foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine all cause staining of the teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly and properly, plaque will also accumulate and give your teeth a.. Read More

How to repair skin damage from smoking

How to repair skin damage from smoking

How to repair skin damage from smoking is an important question for anyone who smokes. Smoking increases the ageing process of your skin, contributing to wrinkles and affecting your complexion. Skin damage caused by smoking may be hard to see initially. However, the more cigarettes you smoke, or the longer you have had the habit, the more skin damage you’re likely to have. Once you have smoked for about ten years the damage has been done and will begin to be more noticeable. How does.. Read More

Natural hair softener

natural hair softener

Sometimes we find our hair hard to deal with. Our hair gets damaged by heat, sun, chemicals, pollution and normal wear and tear. This results in the hair breaking and becoming dry, frizzy and brittle. So we have a good reason to make sure that our hair stays soft. We can do this by using a natural hair softener to allow our hair to become softer and shinier. Making a natural hair softener means that we use natural ingredients full of vitamins. This helps to.. Read More

natural face cleanser

natural face cleanser

As many woman know that the skin on our face needs to be cleaned regularly. Pollution, and day to day tasks, clog our pores and leave an unwanted coat of grime on our face. So using a natural face cleanser is necessary to cleanse our skin and make our face feel fresh and rejuvenated. There are of course many expensive creams that you can buy which will do the job. However most creams consist mainly of chemicals mixed with a small amount of natural products… Read More

Skin tag removal

skin tag removal

A skin tag, although harmless, can be an uncomfortable and irritating problem which some people may consider having a small surgical procedure to have removed. There are however a couple of very simple, natural skin tag removal procedures which are very effective. These procedures may take about a week, but the skin tag will be removed naturally without having to resort to surgery. The two natural skin tag removal methods are: – Removal with vinegar – Removal by tying off (better for larger skin tags).. Read More

Foot Moisturising Treatment

foot moisturising treatment

This Natural Foot Moisturising Treatment will reward our feet for all the hard work they do. We see our faces and hands many times every day, which is why we sometimes forget to treat our feet as much as we do other parts of our body. The Natural Foot moisturiser can also be used on any other part of the body which suffers from dry skin such as the knees and elbows. Using natural ingredients helps us to take care of ourselves in a much.. Read More