As many woman know that the skin on our face needs to be cleaned regularly. Pollution, and day to day tasks, clog our pores and leave an unwanted coat of grime on our face. So using a natural face cleanser is necessary to cleanse our skin and make our face feel fresh and rejuvenated.

There are of course many expensive creams that you can buy which will do the job. However most creams consist mainly of chemicals mixed with a small amount of natural products. These can sometimes dry or irritate the skin, provoking a skin condition in long term.

The simplest, and best, way to avoid this is to make your own natural face cleanser. Listed below are the ingredients used in my natural face

natural face cleanse

Milk – has been used for thousands of years as a beauty treatment. Remember Cleopatra bathing in milk? It’s a perfect natural ingredient for cleansing your face. Milk is full of nutrients which help to moisturise and keep the skin radiant. It works by removing dead skin cells and shrinking the pores. Milk can help with skin irritation, sunburn, and also smooth the skin which helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Honey – has natural antibacterial and probiotic properties which reduce and prevent acne. It also balances oily skin as well as moisturises dry skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Egg white – contains active amino acids and heavy enzymes which help to rejuvenate the face by shrinking the skin pores and removing whiteheads. Egg white helps in the deep cleansing of skin, reduces the formation of fine lines and removes excess oil.

Lemon Juice – has natural antibacterial properties that make it a great choice to treat acne and to help to prevent further breakouts. It’s also a natural exfoliant, as the citric acid acts as a gentle skin peel that removes the top layer of dead skin cells.

Ingredients that are hard to find in an average supermarket can be found in my store page.

The amount of ingredients you need for the natural face cleanser are:

1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of milk
½ an egg white
A splash of lemon juice

natural face cleanser

How to make a natural face cleanser:

1. You will need a small container in which to mix the natural face cleanser. First add the milk, then add the honey. Put the mixture into a microwave for 10 seconds, then stir the ingredients and let them cool down.

2. Add ½ egg white and a splash of lemon juice. Mix well together.

3. Apply it over the face using a cotton pad. Massage the mixture all over your face, especially the nose.

4. Leave to soak in for approx 25 minutes. By this time the mask should be quite dry and will feel tight on your skin.

5. Rinse off the natural face cleanser with warm water. Pat your face dry with a soft towel, don’t rub.

You should find that the natural face cleanser has left your skin clean and feeling soft.