A very simple way to soften feet and treat dry, hard skin is with good old Vaseline.

Vaseline can be used to treat dry skin, caused by the loss of the natural oils in the skin, due to weather or chemicals, by locking in moisture. Vaseline is hypoallergenic and doesn’t block pores. It’s a must have for any bathroom cabinet.

The ingredients you need to soften feet:

All you will need is some vaseline and a clean pair of socks to wear afterwards. This can be a bit messy so it’s best to use this method to soften feet right before bed.

soften feet simple way

How to soften feet:

– To prepare your feet you should first wash them to soften the skin, then remove any hard skin. A pumice stone or foot file is great and if you are feeling like an extra treat why not try my natural foot scrub first?

– Now grab the pot of vaseline and spread it all over your feet, making sure to get in between the toes. Leave it extra thick over the heels and balls of your feet. By massaging the Vaseline in thoroughly you will not only soften feet but you will also stimulate blood flow. Fantastic if you spend much of the day on your feet.

– Once the Vaseline has been applied you need to put a pair of socks on. This will not only keep the vaseline on your skin but also protect your bedsheets.

– During the night the Vaseline will soften feet by locking in moisture.

– When you get up in the morning thoroughly wash the vaseline off and dry your feet. You will be amazed at how soft they feel.

– Complete the process by applying a natural foot moisturiser to nourish the skin.

If you suffer from dry or hard skin then to soften feet use this treatment once or twice a week for excellent results.

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soften feet simple way